New Life Assembly of God, Florence, SC

Our  Executive Leaders!

Pastor: Burton Andrew Ross, Jr. 

Co-Pastor: Bernice Ross

Music Minister & Youth President: Dexter Ross

Deacon: Charles Ivory

Trustee: Allan Johnson

Trustee: Levell Moses


First Lady & Church Secretary:  Kathy Ross



Our Departmental / Ministry Leaders!


Sunday School Department: Lisa Ivory

Children's Church Pastor: Lisa Ivory

Altar Workers' Ministry: Retta Hall-Ross

Dance Ministry: Rebecca Moses

Women's Ministry: Rebecca Moses

Men's Ministry: Marcus Twiggs

Audio / Visual Ministry: Mark Ross

Custodian & Kitchen Ministry: Mary Dixon

Usher Ministry: Margaret Robinson

Singles Ministry: Allan & Camille Johnson


Articles & Resources for Church Workers

  • Starting a Greeter Program
    Four years ago I accepted the challenge of evangelism chairperson for our church. One of the first programs the pastor and I developed was the Sunday morning greeter program.
  • Motivating the Right Person into the Right Ministry
    One of the greatest challenges for most leaders is selecting and motivating the right people into the right ministry positions in hopes of minimizing turnover and frustration. Even in the smaller church with limited personnel, it is important to coordinate people and ministry as much as possible.
    “I tried, but no one ever called me” are painful words for a leader who has much work to do and not enough people willing to do it. These words are painful for the person who wanted to contribute, but was never called. These are also painful words for a person who is committed to helping people connect and contribute in meaningful ways within the church.